Production Chain

Feed Production

BTA is sourcing all raw materials from authentic suppliers. Raw materials as well as additives and other materials are analyzed and evaluated to ensure their quality. BTA products provide perfectly balanced nutrition for the fish, and is manufactured to allow maximum utilization of nutrients.

Feed Delivery

The main vision of Behsan Taghzie Arian Co. has always been: “The sale is not the end of the work, but it is just the beginning of a bright way.” BTA moves with fish and shrimp farmers along this way to the end of the production chain. Our goods distribution logistic chain can guarantee a fast, safe and efficient distribution.

Technical Support

BTA Technical Departments set the strategy for improved products in all segments, define the needs, focus on knowledge gaps in collaboration with R&D team and elaborate producing strategies in collaboration with other collaborators of BTA, such as universities and aquatic farms. Also, BTA provides technical supports to fish farms to improve their production level. The team is very skilled in all aquaculture nutrition domains and communicates easily and rapidly to provide the right solutions to our customers.

Improved Feeding

BTA feed is designed for high growth and a low FCR. Reduced excretory load provides better water quality and allows increased production. The feed must have the right nutritional quality and the desired physical qualities to optimize the yield. And this is exactly what the fish gets from BTA products.

Increased Profitability

The feed conversion ratio (FCR) is an important performance indicator for aquatic producers and has a significant influence on production costs. In fact, some farms report that feed constitutes as much as 50–70% of their operational costs. Although important, the cost per Kg should not be the primary deciding factor when it comes to selecting feed; performance must also be considered. Using a subpar feed can actually be more costly in the long time, resulting in an unwanted increase to your FCR. Our products help to save your money and improve farm profitability.