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Introducing BTA App – A Gift for Professionals

Iranian aquaculture feed supplier, Behsan Taghzie Arian, has released a free smartphone app for maximizing fish farm efficiency. The app, called BTA, is available for fish farmers to use.
BTA allows the trout farmer to have access to all affecting elements in aquaculture. It is used for quick calculating of the important parameters in aquaculture operation such as, feed conversion ratio (FCR), product cost, Return on Investment (ROI) and net interest margin.
In this way, you have the ability to compare the performance of each cycle and manage the feed/harvest predictions for each farm season.
With BTA, farmers can further optimize production, forecast how fish will feeding in their surrounding conditions, and get cost-benefit evaluations for different farming situations. Alongside, BTA App helps farmers get the latest market prices, get information about best practices and events.
BTA group has developed this app for trout farming and it is currently available for Iran.

BTA for professionals

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